3 Tips for Setting Your Wedding Menu

10 April 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Many couples look forward to the day they will legally become husband and wife, but the wedding planning process can be an arduous one. There are many decisions that must be made when it comes to planning a wedding ceremony and reception. One of the most important choice that you will make as you plan for your own wedding is the menu you will serve your guests.

Here are three tips that you can use when setting your wedding menu to ensure your guests are satisfied throughout your special day.

1. Stick with the theme of your wedding.

You should take the overall theme of your wedding into account when you are trying to set your wedding menu. You want the food that you serve your guests to maintain a sense of continuity with your decorations and the environment in which your wedding will take place.

If you are having an elegant event, then you will want sophisticated dishes that reflect this sense of style and prestige. If your wedding will be a more relaxed affair, then you may want to opt for a buffet to avoid having your food feel too stuffy. Using your wedding's theme as a guide when setting your menu will help you select dishes that reflect your personal tastes.

2. Try to incorporate fresh ingredients.

When the catering staff is able to use fresh ingredients, the taste of the food served on your special day will reflect this freshness. You should carefully consider the fruits and vegetables that will be in season when you tie the knot, then try to incorporate these items into your wedding menu.

Not only will each item you serve your guests have a richer flavor, but you may find that using seasonal ingredients can reduce your catering costs due to the availability of these items.

3. Don't be afraid to try something unique.

While most couples think they need to serve a full dinner at their wedding receptions, you shouldn't be afraid to try something unique to help your wedding stand apart from others your guests have attended.

You can opt to forego dinner entirely and feature a dessert bar instead, or you can get creative and have your catering company create a sushi bar or fondue fountain instead of serving a sit-down dinner. 

Setting the menu for your wedding plays a critical role in determining how satisfied your guests will feel throughout your special day. Ensure that the foods you serve at your wedding are a success by using the theme of your wedding as a guide, incorporating fresh ingredients into your menu, and getting creative with your presentation.