How To Create A Romantic Wine-Inspired Gift Basket

5 March 2017
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If your significant other is a wine lover, treat her to a gift basket filled with her favorite alcoholic beverage, along with other complementary items. Whether the gift is big or small, it's sure to please your loved one because it was designed just for her.

A thoughtful wine-inspired gift basket is ideal for any romantic occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's Day. It could also just be a token of appreciation on any day. Fill the basket with items that you can enjoy together to make the present even more special.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect wine-themed basket:

1. Choose the Basket

The first step in the process is picking out the basket that you want to use to hold all of the goodies. If it's in your budget, choose a durable, high-quality wicker basket that the recipient can reuse after enjoying the gift. Wicker baskets come in an array of colors, from natural and rustic-looking dark or light brown, country-inspired white or even vibrant, painted shades of yellow, green, red, pink or blue.

If you're feeling crafty, you can also enhance a plain basket by threading ribbons through it or around the handle, or by using a hot glue gun to attach faux flower springs to it. Make it personal by using your significant other's favorite color ribbons or her preferred flower type.

Another option is a picnic basket, which you can fill with treats and enjoy outdoors with your loved one. Filling a picnic basket with wine-themed goodies would make a sweet and useful anniversary or honeymoon gift.

2. Pick the Wine 

If there is one type of wine, such as Pinot Grigio, that your spouse prefers above all others, go with a bottle of that. If you're looking for a high-quality wine that maybe your loved one hasn't tried yet, consider one from Napa Valley-based Caymus Vineyards, which produces two Cabernet Sauvignons one Zinfandel. 

For a significant other with an adventurous palate, include an orange or chocolate-flavored wine as well.

3. Include Complimentary Items 

After you've chosen the wine, it's time to round out the gift basket with a few complementary items. As one idea, place two wine glasses featuring personalized charms, such as the recipient's favorite dog breed or romantic hearts, inside the basket, as well as a decorative wine stopper.

You can also include a mix of sweet and savory snacks that you can eat together while sampling the wine. Ideas include gourmet truffles, chocolate-covered nuts, homemade chocolate chip cookies, brownies or fudge, or a selection of crackers and cheese, which would be especially ideal in a picnic basket.