Unique Menu Items to Consider When Getting Breakfast Catered

17 March 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Most catered events are afternoon or evening affairs, so menus for catered lunches and dinners abound. Menus for catered breakfasts aren't always so plentiful, nor are they always as varied as these others. With a little creativity, however, there are lots of different things that you can serve for breakfast.

Consider these unique menu items if you're interested in breakfast catering.

Cold-Brew Coffee Served Hot and Cold

Cold-brew coffee has taken the specialty coffee world by storm, and it's ideal for catered breakfasts because the coffee can be made ahead of time in large batches. The resulting brew is also very smooth, which almost everyone appreciates.

What many people don't realize is that cold-brew coffee can actually be served either hot or cold. The cold-brew in the name refers to the brewing method — the coffee is brewed at room temperature instead of near-boiling — and not to the serving temperature.

Have your caterer prepare a concentrated batch of cold-brew coffee before your catered breakfast, and then ask them to serve it both hot and iced. The concentration can be made hot enough that the caterer can dilute it with hot water, and the final beverage will be a strong cup of warm coffee. The concentration can also be combined with cool water and ice.

Varied Teas from Around the World

Tea is a classic breakfast beverage, especially for those who don't drink coffee. Not everyone is familiar with just how varied the world of tea is, though, and this creates an opportunity to have a wonderful display on your breakfast table.

Ask your caterer to serve tea as they normally would, but work with them to select a variety of teas from all over the globe. Select a black and a green tea, but also have a rooibos, an oolong and a white. You may even want several varieties of each if your event is large enough to require a lot of tea.

The teas you select can be displayed as a centerpiece on the serving table, and guests will have fun perusing them and choosing the ones they want.

Olives and Artisan Cheeses

Many American breakfast foods are sweet, and a lot of people enjoy pancakes, waffles and the like. Aside from eggs, though, people who want something not-so-sweet have few traditional options.

To add non-sweet variety to your breakfast, have the caterer get some olives and artisan cheeses. Not everyone will eat these, but guests who like these foods will really appreciate that they're available.