Transitioning To Whole-Bean Coffee? 3 Tips To Get The Most From Your Beans

6 December 2022
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Brewing coffee is a task you can keep simple or make complex, depending on your preferences. An easy option is to buy pre-ground coffee and use a coffeemaker. But you might want to transition into using whole-bean coffee instead, which requires a little more work.

When you are getting ready to order a bag of whole-bean coffee, you will find it helpful to consider some tips to get the most from your beans.

Airtight Storage

Once you order coffee beans and the bag arrives at your house, they will be in an airtight package optimal for freshness. While you can keep the beans in the same bag after opening the package, you can benefit from investing in an airtight storage container to put them in.

Airtight storage will keep your whole-bean coffee fresher for longer, resulting in a more robust and full-flavored coffee cup. This particular storage method will minimize the gap in flavor from your initial cup to your last cup as you finish off a bag of coffee.

Brewing Methods

While you can continue using your current method for brewing coffee, you may want to try other methods to see how you like your coffee. A French press, Aeropress, or pour-over coffee maker will all provide a different taste and experience than a regular coffeemaker.

A French press often produces a muddier, less-filtered coffee drink. Someone who loves espresso for its boldness may enjoy Aeropress because it can make a bold cup of coffee. A pour-over is worth considering when you like the whole process of making coffee. You might appreciate going through all the individual steps that a coffeemaker does on your own.

Burr Grinder

A burr grinder is an excellent tool to use with whole-bean coffee. Any spice grinder will do the trick by grinding down coffee enough to brew a cup. But a burr grinder is advantageous because you can choose precisely how coarse or fine you want the coffee grinds.

Most brewing methods have grind recommendations. However, you can experiment with a burr grinder's settings, and you may find that your preferences differ from the recommendations. Also, once you have a grinder and coffee beans, you can get the freshest-tasting coffee if you grind right before brewing a cup.  

During your transition from pre-ground coffee to whole-bean coffee, you can use these tips to further enhance your journey of diving deeper into the world of coffee. Look for beans to start with, such as a 2 lb bag whole bean Colombian coffee.